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When do you know that you’ve really truly moved? When all your tasks, however many of them there can be, are more related to the future than to the past. When they’re about what you want to do yet, rather then about what you still haven’t done. And if you’re lucky, when you’ve had your first visitor.

I’ve mentioned here already that the first phase of putting the flat in order was over. On Tuesday, Tommy visited (this prompted me to buy a second chair, one from a local charity shop, so we both had something to sit on), and we had a pleasant leisurely two-and-a-half-hour chat. He was appropriately impressed – and appropriately un-overimpressed – by my new place of abode; I hope he’ll ultimately fare at least as well as me.

And yesterday – because it’s already after midnight – I at long last caught up on my blogging backlog. From now on, both in my so-called real life and in my so-called virtual one (sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which, to be honest), I’m again going on more or less in a linear chronology.



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