Post-referendum replicated bodies

I’m a mild supporter of Scottish independence. The way the unionists conduct their campaign, however, might yet turn me into a strong supporter. Admittedly, it was the Yes campaign that managed to do what looks impossible: turn a single word into a cliché. Yes, I mean the word “scaremongering”, which they seem to use more often than the word Britain.

But they have a point: hardly a week passes without the No campaign telling us that an independent Scotland will face some problem which only a slightly closer look reveals as absurd. No, I’m not referring just now to the roaming charges gaffe. I’m referring to the list of bodies that may need to be replicated post referendum. (Not, as the BBC tells us, “post independence”. Post independence means after independence ended, for instance just now.)

200 isn’t such a big number at all, especially as they count in even bodies like Visit Britain, which already exists alongside Visit Scotland. And we have evidence from the 1980s from Eastern Europe that these things can be done without much fuss – as long as there is political will. In case of a Yes vote, the follow-up won’t be as easy as the Yes camp pretends; but it certainly won’t be as hard as the No camp threatens, unless Westmister gets peevish and makes things harder out of sheer spite.



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