Opera 15

To say I’m not impressed would be an understatement. Admittedly, it’s quicker, but how much time can this save? A couple of minutes a day? Certainly not enough to make up for the disadvantages. To name but a few: You can’t organize bookmarks. You can’t pin tabs. There’s no RSS. Most of the extensions I use in the old Opera don’t work. Speed Dial customization is a joke. It can open a PDF, but that’s about the only thing in which it beats Chrome. As somebody mentioned in some forum, it’s good enough for searching with Google or being on Facebook – and that’s about that.

To make a long rotten story short, given that presumably the old girl will no longer be updated, I’m after a few happy years with her returning to Firefox as my primary browser. It’s not as good (for instance, its handling of RSS is pathetic), but I guess I’ll have to get used to it again.



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