Tayside and Moray and more

Thursday, 20 June was too full of happenings to write more about it than brief notes.

Elated at travelling through the heart of Tayside on the A9 north of Perth again, exactly five months since the last time. And then from Aviemore to Elgin through Moray: a more amazing country than I’d expected, almost rivalling Tayside.

Elgin: What I’m finding is The Duke of Gordon Monument; I didn’t find which Duke of Gordon. St Giles’ Church on High Street. Not time enough to see the Cathedral; but travelling on past Nairn Old Parish Church, probably a better sight.

Unusually but invigoratingly bilingual signs on doors in one Inverness firm – English complementing Gaelic, rather than Gaelic translating English. No time for Cathedral either.

What I’m finding is Findhorn Viaduct, maybe not as nice itself as the famous Glenfinnan one, but arguably set in nicer surroundings.

Could have died again: our driver decided to overtake two trucks at once before Dalwhinnie. With luck, a truck, a van next to it and a car in the opposite direction can pass there without colliding. Scared shitless but after that undauntedly took a picture of the distillery at last.*

And then Tayside again, trying to take pictures of all the waters we crossed. Some even came out passably well.

Wondering between Dalnaspiddal and Pitlochry whether this was already the dual carriageway. Apparently yes and no – apparently even between Perth and Inverness there have always been stretches of it.

All in all, except for the moment of horror an amazing working day.

* Postscript, 16/3/16: I’ve recently found out I’d already taken one when returning from Orkney.



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