Monetizing national parks

Fiona Logan, chief executive of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, is reported as suggesting more private sector involvement and more charges for visitors of Scotland’s national parks. There are two galling things in the article. First, her claim that she is very lucky in that she has a private-sector background. That’s as may be, but the question is who else is lucky that somebody with a private-sector background is in charge.

Yet that’s nothing compared to the words of Elan Journo, fellow and policy director of Ayn Rand Institute. “What is Disneyland if not a privately-owned park offering a unique experience?” Now I’m sure that if there’s one thing that most visitors to national parks don’t want to experience, it’s some epitome of commercialism like Disneyland. He could just as well say, “Why do local councils subsidize culture? Justin Bieber needs no subsidies and look how popular he is!”



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