Flat taking shape

During the first days, buying things for the flat, cleaning and tidying it and gradually deciding on what will go where, the words “it’s beginning to take shape here” often entered my mind. It was especially pertinent to think so on Saturday, 15 June. I finally assigned the last things their places – not that these placements wouldn’t change, but the initial layout was done – and with the help of double-sided tape hung my two maps (both are of Scotland, but the one has English placenames and the other Gaelic ones) on the living-room wall. In other words, although the tidying was still far from over, the decorating has begun as well.

(I also eventually looked up on the Web what “storage heater” meant. Apparently it will take quite some time before I learn to operate them thriftily – in contrast with the boiler, which I had figured out even before spending my first night there.)



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