E-cigs as medicine?

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency proposed to class e-cigarettes as medicines, which would reportedly mean new and tougher tests for manufacturers, but also the possibility of prescribing them to people who want to quit smoking.

This is one of those situations when there is a world according to the media and a world according to my personal experience, and these two are on entirely different planes.

In this particular case, there is the media’s world, in which people are switching to e-cigs because they think or at least hope that it will help them kick the habit. If this is true, then the proposal makes some sense.

But all the vapers I know personally are vaping because it’s cheaper and because you can legally vape where you can’t legally smoke. So if these new tests drive the prices much higher, they can paradoxically mean good news . . . for tobacco companies.



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