La première nuit

I was to leave the old flat on Tuesday, but having a long Monday job decided it would be prudent to move before that. I began packing on Friday – by taking my two maps down from the walls. It was strange how this single act made the room look significantly emptier.

On Saturday I moved the first batch of my belongings and did some Tesco shopping, most notably an electric kettle necessary for my caffeine addiction. Then some time on the Net, trying – not too successfully – to keep the number of bookmarks as low as possible, and my last night in the old place.

And on Sunday, 9 June, I moved the rest, except of course for my laptop; also had my last microwaved meal (shepherd’s pie; I’d had my other two favourites, cheeseburger and chips and toad in the hole in the preceding days). Another Tesco visit: for instance one energy-saving bulb – I needed more, but discovered these “bayonet” caps I’d never seen before came in two types. A few fags in the smoking area with Tommy. Then the last dram in my room and turning off the laptop – with buterflies in my stomach, partly for going to an unknown place, partly for the place’s reputation, partly for leaving Tommy. Yet he went to buy some tobacco, so we walked together for a while until our roads separated.

x x x x x x x x

Whatever I may have intended to do, I was just sitting in the chair with Teacher’s, coffee, an e-cig and biscuits, looking out of the large window, watching the day turn into night, feeling sort of nostalgic, or sentimental. Or simply alone. The flat was fine but I lacked the possibility to share my feelings, to at least pretend sharing them by blogging. I also regretted my short-sightedness, preventing me from seeing what – if anything – was happening at the Basin. And I was missing Tommy.

x x x x x x x x

But I’ve been through things like this before, many a time; a real JPS outdoors helped, as did the Scotch, and later Tommy and I even texted for a while. Anyway, I slept as soundly as if there had been no change in my circumstances at all.



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