And thus 5 June 2013 became another important date in my life’s story. After two decades of moving from one furnished flat to another the papers were signed for my moving to (except for the kitchen) an unfurnished one – but one in which I am a tenant. As long as I play by the rules, pay the rent and so on I can no longer be simply told one day to move on and find something else.

I didn’t spend much time pondering it. It was fine to feel a bit more security, but there were some pressing matters related to the change. I checked the keys worked, confirmed for myself that the windows are towards the west (the best option as regards both the light and the view), made a few snaps and headed to IKEA to buy the basic furniture (to be delivered the next day). Then to Tesco for some basic utilities like a bucket and a waste basket, and finally back to the old flat and the Internet to buy a BT online connection for the new one.



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