The fun begins in earnest

Today I’ve seen what will within a fortnight be chez moi.

It’s larger than I expected, and after more than a dozen years I’ll have a bedroom separate from the living room. I’ll can smoke indoors again! Fourteenth floor is higher than I’ve ever lived; I suppose it will be better than the ground floor room I occupy now. A bath instead of a shower cubicle and no mixer taps, but one can’t have everything.

Sure, it’ll be costlier, I reckon by some fifty per cent. But I don’t think I could get, all things considered, a much better deal elsewhere. I’ll just have to be more frugal.

The fun I’m alluding to isn’t, however, frugality, but the fact that for the first time I’m moving into an unfurnished flat. I need to get and move there a bed, a table and a chair, several minor household items (brush & dustpan and suchlike), get a Net connection, and all this within a short space of time. With my mentality, this will be quite a challenge.

On the other hand, after that I can start gradually improving the place. For all I know, I may quite enjoy that. And anyway, it’s a roof!



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