Newcastle / Sunderland

Several surprises during a single afternoon, from significant to trifling ones.

At the Concert Hall Arun disclosed to me that he too had been in the van, and awake, so he had seen it collide with the central reservation before beginning to career. Thus I’ve learned at last what had happened, but the big surprise was the snap he showed me of the van lying on the reservation. Up till then I though it had ended up in the field next to the road. I can even remember walking the field towards the ambulance, which has apparently never happened, I must have just walked on the road. Perhaps I was in a bit of a shock after all.

I was slightly elated by the idea that I would be in England after almost three years, until I realized that in fact I had been in Stansted in between – no less than four times. I decided that didn’t count as I had never left the airport.

I’m not sure whether it was during our stop at Welcome Break, Gretna Green, but somewhere during the journey I noticed the first blowballs of the season. Strange, as I had noticed the first dandelions blossoming only a week or two earlier.

It turned out our destination was Sunderland, rather than Newcastle, and Google Maps on my mobile showed me Durham was much nearer than I would have thought. But none of these surprises matched the photo of the van…



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