This post was triggered by a John Gray article. He posits (correctly) that materialism as a philosophy is just another creed, and despite being seemingly based on scientific findings, it only allows those findings which are not in contradiction to the basic dogma.

This is nothing I did not know for a long time, but it was refreshing to read it as this is an argument that rarely appears unaccompanied by a promotion of some other creed. Still, this is not my greatest objection to the materialist philosophy.

My greatest objection is that the materialist claim that everything follows physical, chemical etc. laws, brought to its logical conclusion, means that not only there are no god, soul or afterlife. It means there is no free will either, with the obvious implication that nothing is ethical or unethical, because we humans are no more responsible for our acts than robots – or a pair of scissors, for that matter.

In fact, it means there is even no randomness. So that if materialism is true (and I don’t say it may not be, I just hope it isn’t), even before the appearance of first life on this planet it was inevitable that at this particular moment in time I would be typing this small rant. The same of course applies to thing which are yet to come.

It is the old Tralfamadorian perception of life as recorded by Kurt Vonnegut, and as far as I am concerned, it is as scary as his other invention, ice-nine.



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