Facebook II

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog explaining why, despite spending almost all my spare time on the Net, I didn’t have a Facebook account and didn’t intend to create one. My arguments were that (1) I believed it was really all about using people’s data for marketing, (2) it didn’t have a single feature I couldn’t get in better quality elsewhere, (3) it was too pervasive and too dominant with all the dangers this entailed and (4) I didn’t have time to follow yet another website.

The pervasiveness means I can’t avoid coming across its being mentioned every now and then; usually something reinforcing my conviction that as far as I’m concerned, Facebook simply sucks. For instance the Rushdie affair, disclosing their determination to decide what should people call themselves. Or, contrarily, the Instagram scandal, showing that they wouldn’t mind selling your photos to somebody else for advertising. And so on.

Recently they unveiled a software sort of turning an Android phone into a Facebook one. I don’t think the privacy worries are well grounded: you’re already sacrificing your privacy by having a smartphone and being on Facebook to such an extent that their combination can hardly do much more damage. But it’s just another proof that they and I live in different universes. I simply don’t see how is the application supposed to be useful to anybody – except those for whom food is synonymous with McDonald’s and Internet with Facebook.



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