Manach Albannach

Walking across the Uddingston railway bridge this morning in charming dark and fog reminding me of Robert Macaulay Stevenson it suddenly struck me that the way I’m blogging is a waste of time. All the interminable recycling of old posts into new summaries nobody probably reads anyway is just an immense waste of time.
And so are the frustrating (because never satisfactory) attempts at recording my current life with as much detail as I might later find useful yet at the same time without giving away too much to an accidental reader.
So I decided, on the spur of the moment, to start afresh (ay, yet again) and create a new blog. A private one, basically a journal, but with neither those perfunctory entries and details of entirely ordinary days nor the need to think about how much I can reveal.
I had the whole shift [7-3, scampi] to think about it and the decision holds. Starting on Friday, the first anniversary of my arrival in Glasgow, I’ll begin my journal here. (Up till then I’ll continue Leabhar manaich). I’ll keep In search of a thistle in case I wanted to post something publicly again, but don’t expect to do that too often, at least in the foreseeable future.
As regards the “auldies but goldies” I’m simply loathe to lose, the idea is to create yet another blog and repost them chronologically – but that blog will be private as well and the posts will go there from RTFs &c with only minimal editing of format and none of the texts. I certainly expect to be done with it in less than a year, hopefully much less than that.
Once set upon this train of thought I also resolved to drastically prune other laptop-related areas like emails, hard disk files &c.
In the end, the general idea has grown into this: my first year in Scotland was about getting settled here, in the most basic terms. The second year would be about significantly weakening my ties to the virtual world.
This should do. Any more detailed plans would probably turn out differently anyway.



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