Donald Trump

In March I mentioned that I had never noticed this person complaining about the effect on Scottish countryside the Denny – Beauly pylon line, the Whitelee or any other wind farm, or indeed any other such project might have, yet that suddenly it was hardly possible not to notice his ravings against the wind farm proposed to be built near his golf course.

I said he had every right to try and protect his business interests, but called it a “fuckin cheek” that he thought we didn’t see that was what he was after. I called his words sanctimonious (“I am doing this to save Scotland”[1]), revolting (“You [Alex Salmond] will single-handedly have done more damage to Scotland than virtually any event in Scottish history”[2] – I wondered whether this metaphorical spit in the eye of people affected by the Clydebank Blitz, the Piper Alpha disaster and divers such tragedies was what Trump’s speaker, a Mr Sorial, had in mind when he said “we are putting the facts out”[3]), expressed in a manner of an apparatchik’s spoiled son (“I can’t let a thing like this happen”[4]).

Recently he attacked the RSPB. They naturally can’t use such language as I can, but they drily summed the situation up in those two sentences:

“Trump International is a very successful business organisation dedicated to maximising its financial returns.
“The RSPB is a nature conservation organisation dedicated to saving our threatened wildlife and working towards creating a world richer in nature.”



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