BBC News top articles

In January I mentioned that if there is a difference between “quality” and tabloid journalists, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the readers, judging from the BBC’s 2011 most viewed stories: behind the winning December windstorm followed: a football pitch attack; the funniest Fringe joke; a shopping centre anecdote; a royal wedding; a betting fraud arrest; and after the parliamentary election’s outstanding result in the 7th place a restaurant contest’s unlucky end; a supermarket booze price glitch; and a fireworks show glitch.

At the end of the month I sighed again: on the 29th the World page had most hits for the Euro crisis and the UK one for the RBS boss’ bonus; the winner on the Scottish page was the health of those pandas.

So when last week I saw an article about a man whose head got stuck in a bin, I just knew that that would be the next day’s most read story.

It was.



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