Renfrew ferry & Victoria Park

Just in notes, it’s 6 April, exactly six months later:

Train to Yoker, listening to stations’ names’ pronunciations. Ferry from Yoker to Renfrew (1) – forgot the price, about £2 perhaps, and over in less than 5 minutes, if not in less than 2. Funny. Renfrew (2): Old Parish Church and its graveyad, Mercat Cross. Noticed a Robertson Park (3, 4) was near at hand, given the name couldn’t fail visiting. A fine one. Ferry back.

Old Dumbarton Road through Garscadden and Scotstoun (with Gleneagles Cottages). Lennox Lane East did not lead to Victoria Park so by St Kilda Dr, (probably Mitre Rd) and Westland Drive to the Park’s entrance. Victoria Park (5):The Fossil Grove. The island and bridges. Broomhill: Crow Road and Clarence Drive. Hyndland: Hyndsight Opticians. Dowanhill: just walking on until all of a sudden found myself coming to Byres Road. Great Western Road (keeked into St Mary’s preparing for some concert). Napiershall Street: up the staircase at the back of the Tesco. Tesco and home.

A fine, sunlit trip. The leaves were already falling now and then in Robertson Park but I think that for all that it felt more like the end of summer than like the beginning of autumn.



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