This is another blog which I wanted to write for so long that in the meantime I’ve forgotten how I intended to handle it.

I remember the general idea, though: that even after several months here I’m still noticing my surroundings when walking somewhere more than I used to do for years. In the old country I usually just hurried from one particular place to another, fully lost in thought. Nowadays I’m often in a hurry and lost in thought as well, but I still keep seeing things. The clouds (back there I’d only notice if it began to rain), changes to buildings (back there I’d only notice something like a scaffolding around my own block), birds (back there I’d only notice, sometimes, the morning choir), animals (back there I’d only notice dogs as I’m afraid of them), even people (back there I’d only notice a pretty attractive guy).

I’ve taken pleasure in watching the daffodils and other flowers blossom in Ruchill Park; saw broods of ducklings and whatever you call the young of swans; noticed that the colour of snails’ shells is much darker here than what I remembered from childhood elsewhere; noticed the new bike shelter in front of Conservatoire Rìoghail na h-Alba and so forth and so forth.

And it still hasn’t stopped exciting me a bit. Only noticing people isn’t always such a good deal, because… there are so many who look like they must have an interesting life story to them I’ll never know anything about. Plus the young ones (attractive or not) remind me of all the years I’ve lost being somewhere I didn’t like. Envy is a bad thing, but sometimes I can’t help myself.



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