View No 4

I discovered The View in 2010 and gradually bought all of their albums. Hats Off to the Buskers became the second of my two favourites, reaching the position which had been for two decades occupied solely by the Waterboys’ Room to Roam. The following two are not so close to my heart, to a great deal because of the lyrics; the shining exceptions are Shock Horror from the second and Witches from the third.

Recently they have released a fourth. After listening to it for the first time, I noted down in my diary that I was slightly disappointed by the 80s disco sound now and then, though less than I feared (the beginning of the “pre-released” Hold On Now unpleasantly reminded me of Ein Kessel Buntes); that Kieren was singing solos again (unlike on the previous one I think), with “his” Hole in the Bed atoning for what preceded; and that “the cheeky bastards did make me laugh by the very end of the album”.

I’ve heard it two or three more times by now and I’m getting used to the hints of 80s, but I doubt that after I find and read the lyrics I’ll rank the album higher than the preceding two. On the other hand, I have already found the text of Hole in the Bed and it seems that that one will stand as this album’s exception next to Shock Horror and Witches



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