Pleasantly wasted morning

In One Off Pretender, Kieren Webster sings at one moment that “time wasted is a time spent well”. I remembered these words last Saturday morning, walking back after having arrived for an extra shift only to find out there’d been a mix-up and I shouldn’t be there. In the old country, this would have positively annoyed me: I would be thinking about the lost possibility of having spent the time I wasted commuting by either lying longer in my bed or sitting earlier at my laptop.

This time it didn’t bother me at all. I had a pleasant trip, never mind the rain. There’s something refreshing in walking the streets when it’s already light but most people are apparently still asleep. Generally I don’t like surprises and forced changes to plans I have, but hopefully this is a sign that I’m growing less fussy about it. It’s certainly a sign that in this country I can enjoy the “real” life as much as the virtual one.


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