Glasgow Cathedral

Somehow or other, in May I stopped going there. I probably didn’t go once or twice because of the weather, my laziness pointing out that these visits meant spending more time on the journeys there and back then in the kirk itself, and once you discontinue a tradition, the urge to return to it ebbs away rather rapidly.

Nevertheless, yesterday I for some reason felt like going once more. And somewhat surprisingly, today I really did. After my usual Sunday lie-in (now that’s one tradition that’s unlikely to be voluntarily interrupted) I had a shower and a shave, did all I meant to Web-wise et cetera, and despite a fairly strong wind I went and spent some time in my usual pew again. Back home I enjoyed my sausage⁊tatties the more for the walk, and sitting here now writing this post I feel as unworried and unhurried as I probably haven’t felt for a few weeks.

Possibly I just need to force myself at times to a situation in which my subconscious has to accept that it cannot hurry me, after which it stops to even try to and lets me really unwind.



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