Old country revisited 5 – Closing time

Not too typical time for me, actually. It was Friday morning and I had just about everything done, even though I would only leave the following day. So there was plenty time for a coffee with Rob & Váňa at the Cobra, gathering (and sharing) news about last night, packing up the parcels and bringing them to the post office, a Birrell with Rob, Marjána and Peters at the Juvel, updating my LibraryThing account (which wasn’t even necessary), meeting Dave, who had unsurprisingly failed to attend his morning rehabilitating appointment, at the Cobra for a match in chess (I lost 0-3, playing rather pathetically – but then I hadn’t played the game since in the rehab), packing up everything else including the laptop – and going to sleep, somewhat reluctantly.

I didn’t really feel like sleeping. Quite possibly, I was only then coming down; knowing one has to get up early of course doesn’t help one fall asleep, quite the contrary; the realization that it might be a really long time until I met Rob again was eventually dawning on me in earnest, as was the knowledge that in a sense I had reached the point of no return at last… Anyway, all these combined meant I felt, well, empty. Neither sad or fearful nor elated or impatient – just void of emotions altogether.

But then Rob called, we agreed I’d meet him in the morning yet – and as he’d got a customer, had to hang up but said would call again soon, I naturally did fall asleep.

(First published on Blogger in April ’12.)



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