The homeless, beggars and buskers

These are different in Glasgow and Budweis too.

Apparently there is a government attempt to have no “unintentionally homeless people” in Scotland by the end of this year. It seems to work, for during my several months in Glasgow I haven’t noticed one obviously homeless guy sleeping on a Sauchiehall Street bench or in a Trongate door. Or are they, unlike in Budweis, in the more “deprived” districts?

The beggars in Glasgow just sit patiently on the ground and address passers-by almost sotto voce. In Budweis they approach you after the “assertive” manner of street fundraisers. Except of course that they need the funds to keep going themselves.

Buskers are the opposite of the homeless. In Glasgow you see busking individuals, pairs and bands, mikes and loudspeakers are no exception and many of the musicians are really good. Much as I rake my brain, I can only recollect a single busker in Budweis – one whose voice and mastery of the accoustic guitar reminded you of a summer-camp campfire.



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