One of the more noticeable differences between people in Glasgow and in Budweis is that Glaswegians are much more easy-going. This takes various forms; one of them surprised me when visiting for the first time the Glasgow Necropolis a short time ago.

Not entirely certain about the rules concerning headgear in cemeteries, I removed my cap while crossing the bridge which leads there. I didn’t walk bare-headed for long, though, for presently I met a couple with a dog. It was a windy day and walking with the cap in my hand in a place where unleashed dogs were allowed seemed as exaggerating the piety.

I was definitively reassured I was doing nothing considered to be bad form when some time later I saw another couple having their snack there. It may be a burial ground, but that obviously doesn’t mean that people are expected to behave as if a burial was currently going on.

And somehow this gave me the impression of a more close connection between the people of today and those of the past than the cemeteries I have known. Something like the difference between an ancient house still lived in and one turned into museum.



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