Les Chansons d’amour

I came across Ma mémoire sale on YT by sheer accident, but I liked it a lot. (Well, not enough to pursue the matter more than reading the film’s ‘pedia article.) After a few months I also saw J’ai cru entendre; eventually, having seen As-tu déjà aimé? (and read the songs’ lyrics) I decided to buy the DVD.

Frankly, I was somewhat disappointed. Being a cynic I can shamelessly admit that primarily I wanted to see more of Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet who looks simply gorgeous. He only appeared after half the film was over, and in just one song I hadn’t already seen. (Moreover, this also means that the first half of the film is purely straight-and-lesbian.)

Still, I don’t regret the purchase. There are two moments I would otherwise have missed. First, the scene where Alice asks Erwann whether he and Ismaël are together. I wouldn’t be surprised if he agreed, whether happily or cautiously, or disagreed, whether gloomily or insicerely, or was evasive or… but I certainly didn’t expect this. The all-of-a-sudden cheerful smile and especially the phrasing of the answer, “J’ espère que si”, set me literally laughing with pleasure.

The other moment? Finding out that the splendid sentence with which one of the songs I had seen on YT ends, “Aime-moi moins mais aime-moi longtemps”, is actually the very last sentence of the whole film…



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