This doesn’t trouble me because of any urgency but because it proves that after more than three years of spending huge amounts of time on the Web I can still be unable to find there an information so basic that there’s no doubt it’s there.

I understand the system in the Czech Republic. Your employer deducts from your gross pay tax, social insurance and health insurance. The former two are managed by the state, the latest by individual health insurance companies. You’re obliged to be registered at one; when you visit a doctor, you tell him which one it is so he knows who to contact for remuneration for the care he’s given you.

Here in the UK you apparently only get the tax and the national insurance deducted. Tax is obvious, and apparently the UK national insurance fulfills the same role as the Czech social insurance. But despite all my efforts I was unable to find out whether it also covers the health insurance. I’ve no idea whether in need I’m insured for any medical care (and if so, which). After all, I’ve no idea whether I have contributed anything to the UK NHS.

So far I luckily hasn’t needed any doctor. Nevertheless, I’m pretty much annoyed by my inability to find this information, as it simply must be obtainable from several dozen websites.



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