Can finding out you’re a prize twat make you happy? Sometimes it can.

A couple of weeks ago we were told those who wanted to continue working for Amazon after Christmas would have to move to a different block. With no certainty Amazon would want us to continue I began looking for another accommodation – and from the day they did fire me, my efforts intensified every other day.

I answered many an advertisement, but either I got no reply, or the “viewing” disclosed the costs were actually higher than advertised, or the lessor decided to take somebody else… And twice there seemed to be something fishy about the lease to me, so I turned the offer down. But I was becoming desperate.

Until the night before yesterday’s. Smoking with some guys who’d already moved block I learned, to my great surprise, that only two of the hostel’s four blocks were reserved for students and I could move block and stay regardless of whether I was a student, an Amazon employee, or neither.

I may be a nitpicker, but I’m also a neurotic, and I had misinterpreted “if you go on with Amazon, you can stay but have to move block” as “if you don’t go on with Amazon, you can’t stay”.

That revelation happened two nights ago. Tonight, I’m already typing this in the other block – and in a room which I don’t share with another guy. (I got along with my roommate quite well; still, not having to share the desk, the bed, the toilet… the room is absolutely worth the higher price, which after all isn’t higher than what I was ready to accept elsewhere.)

So after all these nerve-racking days, the only anxiety which remains is getting a job. Yet in my tonight’s mood I’m finding it easy to trust I’ll succeed even in that department.



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