Partick / Pinkston Basin (Sun, 20/11/11 & Sat, 26/11/11)

Shortly after turning this from a journal to a blog I accomplished two more trips I can’t help mentioning at least very briefly: one to Partick and one to the Pinkston Basin – the end of the Glasgow Branch of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Especially the one to Partick. For one thing, Partick was, apart from the city centre and the once infamous Gorbals, the only area in Glasgow I knew by name before coming here. For another, I knew it from watching one of the first series I saw on the BBC. For yet another, the series had been recommended to me by a Net friend – a fellow gay and learner of Gaelic. Furthermore, it meant walking past Comhairle nan Leabhraichean, from which I had bought (not only) my very first book in Gaelic. Finally, the name I use on the Net being Keith, I naturally wanted to discover Keith Street (it turned out there’s also a Keith Court). The more so as I had learned there was a former Quaker burial ground there – Quakers being one of the Christian denominations that appear to be exceptionally tolerant.

I ended the trip by discovering the Kelvin Hall and visiting, for the third time, the Kelvingrove Museum – and although it was, unlike on most of the previous rambles, a rainy day, I enjoyed it as much as them.

(First published on Blogger, date unknown.)



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