Kelvin Aqueduct / M.o.t.W. (Thu, 10/11/11)

After coming to Glasgow I was often looking up places I’d already visited on Google Earth and in Wikipedia. This often led to discovering other places of whose existence I hadn’t been aware, but now wanted to see. Including the Kelvin Aqueduct, whose additional appeal was that getting there meant seeing more of the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The idea was to get to some point from which I could see the Canal flowing over the Kelvin. Instead, after a quite pleasant walk on its bank (digression: two people overtook me, which is rather unusual. Have I got that much slower in the region of tardy walkers where I’d lived these last nineteen years? Or grown that old?) and, as intended, by the locks, I all of a sudden found myself atop the aqueduct. Which was just as good; a place overlooking the crossing apparently doesn’t exist, at least I haven’t found one, but that couldn’t dampen my mood.

Walking back on Kelvin’s other side I presently found myself in another place I hadn’t intended to be at but, once there, was glad to: the Botanic Gardens. And then by the University, St Silas Church (notable for me because Silas was the nickname I gave my roommate in the rehab), Lynedoch Place and the three churches seen at night the previous Friday (St Mary’s, Lansdowne & Kelvin Stevenson) back to Firhill.

And almost immediately to Ruchill Park, elated enough to keep true to my decision and clear away one Tesco bagful of the rubbish left on its hillock by the Bonfire night revellers, whoever the litter-bugs were.

The day had one more surprise up its sleeve: after six p.m., M.o.t.W. texted and when I replied, called. At 29’45”, the conversation was almost certainly the second longest one I’ve ever had over the phone.

(First published on Blogger in November ’11.)



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