6th Reid Yaird repeat stay

The sixth and the last. And although it wasn’t smashing (as it had been at least twice before), it was definitely good.

It wasn’t smashing mostly because I was no longer really a part of it. Almost three and a half years after having ended the cure; more than three years after getting online; over a year after the Dunkeld Vow, I was mentally and emotionally elsewhere.

That is not to say I was indifferent, let alone bored. But I was more immersed in nostalgic reminiscences than in the current community’s issues. I kept a rather detailed journal as always, but more out of force of habit than commitment. I was even, for the first time, associating a great deal more with other repeaters than with those undergoing cure proper.

The fact that I happened on no former friend or acquaintance (except of course the staff) maybe played its part as well. Yet even today I would be interested in how the life stories of quite a few guys I had only met on a repeat stay continued. Not on this one though. There certainly were several I liked – but not as much as to still think about them for longer than a week after the stay.

As I was saying. It was definitely good – for what it was. My last five-day visit there.

(First published on Blogger on 7 Oct 11 or, more probably, later.)



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