Reunion: M.o.t.W. (update)

I have already mentioned him twice, so I may just as well finish my notes about the recent Tech reunion with an update.

Two years ago I wrote a special blog about him. Obviously, we did meet at the reunion, and it turned out that he hasn’t written me off. In fact, he said that several parts of that letter of mine reminded him a lot of his own experiences.

And the rapport was to a great deal still there.

Earlier this year I mentioned him again. I won’t back down on what I said then. He is no longer one of the four. But the rapport was there still and his having been downgraded in the gallery of my friends is due only to the rareness of our meetings since the Tech.

Boy, he even knew what I was talking about when I mentioned The View…

(First published on Blogger in September ’11 or later.)



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