The word ‘homosexual’ banned for Scottish civil servants

A new guidance for civil servants from the Scottish Government says that they should not use the the word ‘homosexual’, claiming it is offensive to many people, and that they should use ‘straight’ instead of ‘heterosexual’, as the latter can allegedly cause confusion. The Campaign Against Political Correctness criticises the move as ‘mumbo-jumbo completely counterproductive to good community relations’, Stonewall Scotland supports it.
PinkNews: Scottish civil servants banned from saying ‘homosexual’
I’m somewhat torn on this. Personally I have no problem with the word ‘homosexual’, but I remember that around my coming-out time it had an unpleasant undertone (as if it implied some condition or disease) for me as well. Still, publishing such guidance seems to me a bit like saying it’s not acceptable to say ‘adolescent’ because it implies immaturity.
On the other hand, I’m not torn about ‘heterosexual’. How it can possibly cause more confusion than ‘straight’ is simply beyond my imagination. I don’t know what they’re talking about.
It might be interesting to find out what people say in their comments, but I made it a rule to only read comments in very exceptional cases when there are more than 8 of them. No case can be exceptional enough for me to even skim through (at the moment) 193.



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