Three years on the Net

Funny how time flies. I can still remember my first timid and clumsy moments on the Net as if they have happened yesterday, while in reality a fortnight ago I have been online for three years. And been there a lot.

Not having as yet entirely discarded my first Net identity at the time, I wrote a rather longish detailed evaluation of the first year under its LiveJournal account. The second year I already tried to briefly evaluate here in this post.

Which important changes have happened during this third year? On the negative side, those once so frequent emails with Lùc and Dànaidh have all but stopped. On the positive side, I’ve got access to BBC Alba’s TV. And whether for good or for bad, my Wiki activity shifted from from en-wikt to the ‘pedia; my blogging one began to move from this site to Blogger; and just as Firefox replaced Explorer as my primary browser in the first year, Opera replaced Firefox in the third.

I also created a Flickr account; two websites which I should have already possibly mentioned the last time round are LibraryThing and Ordnance Survey.

My expectations concerning the fourth year? Well, I’d like to spend a wee bit more time reading books again, as opposed to sitting at my laptop, but unless I’m much mistaken, this has been my near-future intention ever since I had only been on the Net for a few months, and so far it never worked. The geese will tell in the autumn, as the Gaelic proverb has it… Anyway, a more important question is whether I’ll succeed in fulfilling the Dunkeld Vow next year: if I will, my situation Net-wise, whatever it will be, will certainly be dramatically different from the current one.



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