Edinburgh trams project to go on

Edinburgh council decided that the infamous over-budget and behind-schedule trams project will go on with the line funded as far as St Andrew Square with the cost rising to £770,000,000.
BBC: Edinburgh trams: Councillors vote to continue project
A funny moment happened when council leader Jenny Dawe described the ongoing problems with the project as ‘a small glitch‘. Now my first job, which lasted seven years, was related to a project which was also funded out of taxpayer’s money and I know only too well how rarely such projects don’t end up later and at a greater cost than initially promised. We are so used to this that when a project’s cost is first estimated at £177m, when awarding the contract at £445m, and four months later (contract safely signed) at £692, the investor doesn’t mind saying after completion that it has finished “between £15m and £20m under budget” – under the nearly seven, not the four and a half million of course. (I’m talking the newly opened M74 extension through Glasgow.) But these miracles do happen and some projects do finish before term and under budget, for example the renovation of Aberdeen’s Marischal College. But then, the Aberdeen works obviously were not executed by Bilfinger Berger/Siemens and CAF under the supervision of tie for an investor represented by Ms Dawe…



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