Everything flows

Allegedly, there are people whose mindsets were firmly established during childhood and adolescence and who never question, let alone alter their basic beliefs. Nevertheless, I suppose that most of us at least experience doubts sometimes, and occasionally even change our viewpoints. Willingness to reassess one’s opinions is a very cynical and therefore commendable quality. You don’t have to necessarily change your mind one iota; you shouldn’t rigidly stick to anything out of sheer laziness of thought or fear of being seen as unprincipled. After all, the circumstances of our lives are in flux as well.

This affects all parts of one’s life. One’s allegiances, even national ones: I’m one of those who changed theirs. One’s traits: whether for good or for bad, my attitudes and behaviour are growing firmer in some areas and more relaxed in others. One’s perception of one’s personal history: the way I evaluate the importance of particular people in my life keeps changing in time as well.

The day before yesterday, M.o.t.W. turned forty-three; yesterday, it was a quarter of a century since I have first met Falcon. For years I perceived them as two of the four most important guys I have met; recently I reflected upon this rather deeply and concluded that however important the former may have been in a certain period, later came a few like Jockie who were, although for different reasons, as important; while in the context of my whole life the other three became more so. Sure, I’m somewhat growing away from them as well: that’s a part of the ongoing growing away from this country. And, relatedly…

It seems that in late summer a reunion of our Tech year will take place again after a decade. While I still consider the five years I spent there as both the happiest and the most formative time of my life, I’m no longer so fixed on them as to hardly care about future. I look forward to seeing my former friends a lot; last year I looked forward to revisiting Scotland more. I no longer just wait what tomorrow may or may not bring, reminiscing about the good old days; without fooling myself into thinking that I can ever see their match, I spend more time planning my future.

I daresay not all change is for the worse.



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