Possible Kirk split over gay clergy

After its General Assembly’s vote to accept gay clergy ordained before 2009 and allow possible future selection of gay and lesbian ministers, a Highland minister and an Aberdeen church are expected to be the first to leave the Kirk in reaction.
BBC: Church of Scotland votes on gay ministers / PinkNews: Church of Scotland ends moratorium on gay ministers
BBC: Glenelg and Kintail minister to quit over gay issue / PinkNews: Scottish minister resigns over gay clergy
BBC: Aberdeen church could ‘break away’ over gay ministers / PinkNews: Scottish church may break away over gay ministers
Of course, as the final decision on the issue of gay ordination will not be reached before 2013, these acts should be seen as preparatory warnings, like the 20% Kirk members claiming to leave if it was agreed that gay ministers can be ordained and the 10% stating they would leave if the Kirk ruled they could not. We will not know what happens until that final decision is actually taken.

ETA, 6/7/11: Up till now we know that the Stornoway High Church took a vote in which 74% supported parting from the Kirk, but as the Session had set a minimum of 80% to be decisive for leaving, this particular congregation stays in, with its moderator claiming that they don’t intend to look into the matter again.
BBC: Chan fhàg Àrd Eaglais Steòrnabhaigh Eaglais na h-Alba



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