New Government and new Lib Dem leader

Alex Salmond has named his new cabinet and junior ministers team (each with more members than its predecessor); Scottish Liberal Democrats have appointed Willie Rennie as their new leader and he announced his shadow team.
BBC: At-a-glance: Scottish government cabinet
BBC: Salmond completes SNP majority government
WP: Government of the 4th Scottish Parliament
BBC: Willie Rennie named new Scottish Lib Dem leader
BBC: Scottish Liberal Democrat portfolios announced

No sweeping changes in the cabinet as Sturgeon, Swinney, Russell, MacAskill and Lochhead keep their posts (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?); the most interesting innovation for me is the announcement of Alasdair Allan (Na h-Eileanan an Iar) as the minister for learning and skills ‘with responsibility for Gaelic and Scots’.*

Having seen Rennie on Newsnight the other day and read some of his statements in BBC articles I was far from impressed; I liked Tavish Scott much better. (Tavish Scott before the UK coalition government anyway.) But I daresay that after the Clegg-induced Holyrood outcome he had no choice but to step down. And distributing ‘portfolios’ among a team of five seems fairly funny, though perhaps it’s just about politicians and/or newspapermen unable to shed their lingo.

* ETA – it’s amusing to see the Scots Language Centre website consequently style him ‘the Minister for Scots’.



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