Weekend at last

This was some week. Has it make me trauchled.

Having my window open for the first time this year the whole Sun/Mon night may not have been the best idea, as the temperature did fall under 10C. What was worse, the sob living above me was on afternoon shifts, which as usual meant loud TV before and well after midnight.

Notwithstanding which I had to spend the best part of Monday with my parents (visiting a near town) and got unexpectedly exhausted. On Tuesday I finally signed a new contract of employment and went through all the related issues like getting a hard hat &c or listening to a several-hour lecture on occupational safety; the rest was spent by alternating short spells of sleeping, dozing and being awake, as the circumstances allowed. On Wednesday not only my first (morning) shift after three months followed, but after that I had to spend some more hours with my parents, this time in this city. And then two more morning shifts, beginning at 6a.m. (Actually I did ovesleep on Thursday, but was only delayed for a half-hour and nobody seemed to both notice and mind.) With Thursday afternoon, evening and night spent in the same way as Tuesday’s.

I knew that the first working week after a three-month unemployment would be trying. That it wouldn’t be easy to get used to getting up after four o’clock in the morning again. What I hadn’t previsaged was that the influence of the fucker upstairs would be exacerbated by my parents visiting. The silver lining was that thanks to Easter Monday I only actually worked three days, so at least the physical effort after one quarter of a year without any wasn’t as exhausting as it might have been.

Anyway, luckily it’s over now, I have more or less caught up on the backlog in reading bookmarked articles and suchlike things, recommenced my for those few days totally neglected language studies and Mems editing – and tomorrow, after two and a half years, I’m about to go on a night shift again! (Just in case you’re one of those weirdos who like mocheirigh: this is good news indeed.)



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