All’s well that ends well

So my ‘holidays’ are over. This was the last really leisurely day and night I had of them, and I spent it just like that – leisurely. When Rob proposed we could execute our only broadly planned visit to the pub where his brother works as a waiter today, I hesitated for a moment before accepting, but in the end it proved to be a pleasant serene afternoon. Both the dinner in the pub’s sunlit beer garden and the car drives we made before and after it. And even so I easily accomplished the few tasks I had set myself to do today. Now I’ll just write and post this blog and go to bed.

Yes, the last. True, tomorrow (technically speaking today, it’s after midnight) I mean to mostly idle away, Sunday and all, but I will already have it in my mind that the following day I will get up to the alarm clock once again, as I’m supposed to spend it meeting my parents, who are visiting a near town. Although I don’t mind seeing them, I certainly don’t consider the time spent in their presence as ‘leisure’. One has to be too careful all the time about what one says for that. And on Tuesday it’s the first shift in my new job.

Time to summarize these nearly three months then? I’m fairly satisfied. I did waste more time than necessary, but that is almost inevitable with my nature. Taken that into account, I think I did do a reasonable amount of what I wanted to do; definitely much more than I would have had I been going to work. Added to which, the three-month redundancy pay I received means I am not a penny worse off either.

Am I looking forward to going to work again? Yes and no. Yes, because I want not only the continuance of income, but also some physical exercise again. No, because it’s always hard to break a routine, and I don’t know whether the pay will be worth the effort. (So far, I have only a vague idea of either.) Anyway, it’s just a provisional affair, I don’t mean to stay there for more than a year, two at the very most.

All in all, it was a good time and it ended fittingly.



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