Scottish election campaign

Forget Gordon Brown’s forgotten mike. So far, the current campaign is considerably funnier than the last year’s all-UK one.

For example, the Caledonian Mercury invited party leaders to explain in short videos why people should vote for them. Which opportunity was used by Iain Gray to give us the definitive proof that he is the perfect antithesis of the adjective ‘charismatic’. As if those of us who have ever seen him during First Minister’s Questions needed one.

A different method was used by the Scottish National Party. In a BBC spot they employed some incredibly overacting guys to remake that cultish Monty Python sketch ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ Why a Scottish separatist party promotes its cause with the help of an English sketch ridiculing separatism is beyond me. Unless they want to bring self-irony among extreme sports.

Not to lag behind, the Conservatives created a spot of their own, in which Annabel Goldie, with the help of Mr Cameron himself, managed a small PR masterpice. Anybody who has no knowledge of Scottish politics must needs conclude from those few minutes that it was the Tories who governed Scotland for the past four years.

And presumably they’re all still just warming up – there are four more weeks to go yet…

(First published on Blogger at the beginning of April ’11.)



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