Last winter seems to be definitively over, The View’s third album is out, elections to the Scottish parliament are getting near, today is the 691st anniversary of the endorsement of the Declaration of Arbroath and Thrissel is biennial. After all, Onopordum acanthium is a biennial plant.

Not this website, that will have to wait five months more before being two years of age. This Net identity of mine. I mentioned the switch one year ago. By now it’s as good as complete. It’s seldom that I even remember about once having a different one. Come to think of it, it had lasted a significantly shorter time than this one already has.

You’d be amazed at what you can achieve in a year… let alone two. So I’m not going to enumerate it here. I have mentioned most of it, including last year’s trip to Scotland, in the 2009 and 2010 summaries. It’s more important to look into the future now.

Mostly the immediate future. I have been unemloyed for a couple of months now and although it helped me to get ahead with some private tasks I had set myself a considerable deal, it’s time I buckled down to finding a new job. Not that I couldn’t afford another six, eight, possibly even a few more months without a regular income. I’d rather avoid getting into the situation when I could hardly afford it.

Also, if I want to achieve my longer-term goal, that is to say, fulfilling the Dunkeld Vow, I will need some capital for the unavoidable initial investments. And fulfilling this Vow gets continuously more important. The bridges to my past existence have been burning so much they are beyond all repair now.

To sum it up, the spring has come and it’s high time to start getting out more – and that in more senses than one.



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