I don’t much care about television, but I don’t mind it either. Within my first seven years in this city I lived in six furnished flats. Some had a TV set, some didn’t; it was all right with me either way.

I’ve been living in my current gaff for eleven years. It doesn’t have one and I never missed it. Nevertheless, I got online and since last October can even watch the BBC. For some time it was, more or less, just BBC Alba, quite recently I found out I could check each day for the latest iPlayer items in category Scotland.

I hardly ever watch live broadcasts and certainly don’t watch something every day. Still, I have already seen a few things I liked a lot. Most recently it was the eight episodes of Thar an Aiseig on BBC Alba; last week I discovered Burnistoun. They began by a selection of the first series.

Yesterday they started Series 2 by Episode 1. I don’t know how many episodes there will be but I feel certain I’ll see them all. The first one had some sketches making me believe they haven’t lost it and sooner or later something matching even this one will appear…


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