En-wikt: story over

I’ve already written about my growing tiredness with editing in Wiktionary at some length last October on my website under the title My en-wikt story. Let me briefly finish the story here:

Recently I was only waiting for the next time when I see Embryomystic, of all people, to once again add the particle ‘to’ before the English translation at a Gaelic entry. This happened on 24 March. I then gradually unwatched all the items in my watchlist, making a few last edits (the very last improving the first page created by User:Thrissel ie me), and logged out. With over 14.5K edits in the mainspace as the 56th ‘most prolific’ Wiktionarian.

Funny, given I’m basically an idler. Anyway, I don’t mean to return. I enjoyed determined editing for a considerable time; now I enjoy the idea of determined not editing quite as much.

(First published on Blogger at the beginning of April ’11.)



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