Editing my old journals (I’m in ’98 these days) I came across this laconic sentence: “Kung Fu III series afore – the actor’s name is Chris Potter.” And I remembered.

A short Wikipedia search led me from the actor‘s name to that of the TV series. Thence to YouTube to find out whether I would still find him attractive.

I did, though possibly not as much as back then. More importantly, I discovered that quite a few of the episodes are there in full, despite their length (over 40 minutes each). Hard to tell how come Warners hadn’t noticed and made them remove it. Luckily they hadn’t – yet.

Make no mistake. The series is nothing more than an action kung fu affair, set in some US city, with an inevitable smattering of mysticism, and the main heroes, a father and his son, an ex-Shaolin priest and a modern cop.

That should be enough to give you the idea.

I could pretend I’ve watched a few episodes again because there’s never as much talking as to make the story incomprehensible to me without subtitles, thus improving my understanding of spoken English.

The truth is I still fancy Chris Potter.

I wonder how often a kung fu movie is watched by somebody who’s indifferent to the fighting parts but not to the actor’s face…



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