The View No 3

Looking at my calendar in the morning I found out it’s twenty years today since I lost my virginity. As it turned out, I got a better ‘anniversary present’ than I could have given myself.

The third album of The View is to be released on 14th and by Amazon’s estimate I should obtain it by 17th. However, the band’s website had a post today directing to a page where it can already be heard – from today until the album is out. Needless to say, I postponed everything else.

First impression? As good as the first one. It’s all there again, including the cheeky contempt of keeping the whole song in the same mood and/or rhythm, and yet it’s not just more of the same. And of course, I heard there some of my other favourites, as if winking at me from behind the band – not just the obvious Beatles or Paul McCartney on his own but also eg The Traveling Wilburys and even Donovan and Mike Scott.

My first words when the album finished were ‘Oh Jesus fuckin Christ, they’ve done it again!’



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