Concerning one Justin Bieber

A few days ago, PinkNews published a short article saying that a Justin Bieber had expressed (in a Rolling Stone article) his opinions about homosexuality and abortion.

This is more interesting than it seems.

For one thing, it proved to me again how out of touch I am with today’s mainstream entertainment. I only noticed the name the other day in another article, had a quick look at the guy’s ‘pedia page and a song or two at YT, and lost interest. How much so can be deduced from the fact that I can’t even remember what article and where it was, or what kind of music he’s doing. I have only a vague idea it was… well, mainstream.

Surprisingly though, there are currently 350 comments to the article. The only previous article I can remember getting more was one in the series concerned with the recent suit by a gay couple against a B&B owner who refused them a double room. Even Ben Summerskill’s temporary refusal to support gay marriage didn’t provoke such a spate.

I don’t know what those people can discuss at such length about a 17-year-old’s couple of sentences for a fanzine; I don’t want to find out.

And thirdly, intrigued a bit all the same I returned to the ‘pedia and discovered that the guy’s got a whole ‘portal‘. In case you don’t know, that’s what usually such large topics like countries and religions have. So much for the project’s understanding of the word ‘notability’, which is allegedly very important there. Much as I love The Beatles, I have to turn both eyes blind to admit they are worth theirs, for all their influence on generations of other musicians. But Bieber? And indeed, at least half of those listed here?

ETA, 17/3/11: It seems that on 10 March the debate settled at 444 comments.
ETA 13/1/15: No, it grew to 567 by spring 2013 and is at 572 now. Go figure.



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