Noticed on Flickr

I only created my Flickr account so I could, instead of uploading my photos to this website, embed them from some place where I could have them occupy place for free. (I don’t think this is unusual. I do the same with YouTube and videos – most probably like many others.) The idea of also using it as a sort of additional backing up in case I somehow lost both my laptop and my CD/DVD back-ups came only later. Anyway, I didn’t expect anybody to notice my ‘photostream’ unless led to it from here.

Surprisingly, and I found this out only by incident, somebody (probably a Sharon May) has noticed them recently – and even added a snap of mine to one of her own Flickr ‘galleries’. As far as I know, this is the first time anybody else than me linked to, let alone embedded anything of my creation. Funny thing is, that gallery is very fine, yet I don’t think my snap doesn’t fit in rather nicely…

And only I know that the grey things flying in the fog are actually dirty specks on the front window of the bus from which the snap was taken…

(ETA: The pic was somehow temporarily deleted during my 2012 Flickr account overhaul, thus disappearing from the gallery mentioned as well.)



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