Mubarak stepped down at last

After more than two weeks, the Egyptian vice-president Omar Suleiman announced on state TV that president Hosni Mubarak had resigned and handed power to the high command of the armed forces.
BBC: Egypt crisis: President Hosni Mubarak resigns as leader
If you think that as an old veteran of the Eighty-Nine I have been watching the happenings in Egypt with interest, you are right. If you think that as an old veteran of the Eighty-Nine I am glad of the outcome, you are mistaken. During all the time I couldn’t find out whether this was a fight for more democracy as I understand the word, or a fight for more Islam. I certainly wasn’t in it for more Christianity back then. If the truth be told, I don’t much care about the average Egyptian. We don’t have that much in common. But I do care about the average Egyptian gay, and there is no sign that the situation for him may not get even worse. As it happened, or so I’m told, for the average Iraqi gay after the turnover there.

Postscript, 15/8/15: For Iraq, cf eg this later account [shortened]: ‘Usually, when Isis posts pictures online, people sympathise with the victims – but not if they’re gay. You should see the Facebook comments after they post video of the killings. “I am against Isis but I am totally with Isis when they kill gays.” “Those dirty people deserve Isis.” And there are thousands of people agreeing with these comments full of hate. This is the society I fled from.’


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