Unusual anthem candidates

The debate about what should be independent Scotland’s national anthem will probably continue until independence comes and one is actually made ‘official’. Most recently this theme appeared in a CalMerc article by James Browne. He starts with properly summarizing the English one into ‘God, we are servile. / We are very servile. / Let’s hope we stay servile for a long time. / God bless those that keep us servile.’ but then continues with prasing La Marseillaise which, let’s face it, is just a French sort of Scots, Wha Hae set to the Deutschlandlied musical style. His problem with Scots, Wha Hae and even A Man’s a Man for a’ That is that they sound like dirges to him. The latter certainly doesn’t to me but all right, tastes differ. My own favourite is Flower of Scotland, if more because of the lyrics’ relation to my own life than to Scotland’s history.

The article mentions another Corries’ song, one I hadn’t known: Scotland Will Flourish. I wouldn’t exactly see this as an anthem music, and the lyrics are a wee bit too positive to let it become one of my favourites, but it’s a good song. I’m glad I’ve come across it.

And I’m glad I’ve come across Dave Hewitt’s comment. He mentions a little-known tongue-in-cheek candidate, Hermless, which doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, but is another song worth knowing.



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