Face to the wind

Fairly often I wish at the turn of a year that it be at least as good as the one just gone. Obviously, this doesn’t apply this time. Last year had the August highlight which can hardly be matched by anything that might possibly happen in the coming twelvelmonth. (Not that the rest wasn’t in general, for all its drawbacks, tolerably good.) There is nothing like that to look forward to in 2011. Still, there’s no reason to be downcast. Quite a few smaller pleasures are to be safely expected, and inevitably, just as there will be bad moments unforeseen, so there will be fine ones.

Mostly though it’s supposed to be a year of setting thing to order and preparing for a change. Mar a thuirt mi, no mar a thuirt the View, I’d like to move town. Or, in Levellers’ words, It’s time to leave this town / The world keeps turning round – the following line is The only thing that keeps me here is you and I’ve no longer any you to keep me here. Time to gradually discard all the unnecessary bits and pieces I accumulated over the decade I’ve been living here – and indeed, some of what I had gathered before. The best way to travel is to travel light.

Funny, in a way. Some ten months ago I’ve been writing here about fighting my conservationist tendencies. And it was not until two years ago that I have begun buying useful but comparatively bulky amenities – from an electric kettle to a desk. Now I’m sort of up to (I’m up to because I’ve got to) go in exactly the opposite direction. Getting rid of everything that could possibly unduly weigh me down. (Needless to say, this also involves being unco wary of any new involvements of whatever sort.) There’s one thing to be said for it – it surely won’t be uninteresting. Especially as I don’t have to hurry, not overly co-dhiù. I’ve over a year to go.

Both metaphorically and literally, time to redd up, lock the door, hand over the keys and move on.



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